Various Ways to Consume Cannabis Flowers

Cannabis Flowers

People who haven’t used Cannabis before generally associate it with smoking. But Cannabis flowers can be used or consumed in other ways. If you do not like to inhale smoke and worry about your lung health, you can consume it by other means. The right type of consumption method for you will depend on the type of experience you are seeking. Overall, there are four ways by which you can consume cannabis flowers. 

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Cannabis Flowers

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In terms of effectively absorbing THC and other compounds, inhaling is the best way. When cannabis flowers are burnt and smoke is inhaled, most of these compounds get saturated in the bloodstream. Also, the effect on the brain hits almost immediately. If you are seeking an instant high, inhalation is the best way to consume marijuana flowers. Other than smoking, inhalation can be done by vaping. Vaping came into existence after the recent advances in technology. Vaping heats the cannabis flower to a temperature near to combustion level (374F or 190C) to produce smoke. At this temperature, the cannabis flower converts into active compounds of cannabinoids, vapor, terpenes, and others, which can be inhaled to get high. People use bongs, pipes, water pipes, or create joints and blunts to imitate cigarettes for smoking. Compared to smoking, vaping is considered safer because it does not generate carcinogens. Vaping is done using vaporizers, vape pens, or by dabbing.

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There are two main ways to consume Cannabis orally. One way is by ingesting edibles. Edibles can be baked food, beverage, or gummies. They are added with THC and CBD compounds extracts, which get absorbed by the digestive tract. While absorption in the digestive tract happens slowly, it takes about 20 minutes to 1 hour for the person to enjoy its effect. Ingesting edibles is the easiest way to consume cannabis flower as it does not require a person to setup up a bong or roll a joint. They can simply eat, drink or swallow and expect to get high within 20 minutes.

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The topical method is more so a delivery method than a consumption method. It works by allowing the skin to absorb cannabinoids. This creates a localized effect on the muscles. It is helpful in reducing pain. People suffering from back pain, arthritis, and any other muscular pain can use topical ways to consume cannabis flowers. Today topical lotions are available containing CBD for skin-based application.

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This method bases on absorbing Cannabis-infused tincture into the body by adding drops of it under the tongue. The blood vessels underneath the tongue absorb the cannabinoids and deliver them into the bloodstream. One can add a few drops of tincture under the tongue and hold it for a few minutes. Excess drops can be ingested into the digestive tract. Because of dual absorption, a person gets the high quickly, and it is potent. The best consumption method varies depending on the person. The most potent method is not always the best way to consume cannabis flowers. Each of the methods has its benefits and disadvantages. You can try out different methods and choose something that is comfortable and fits your lifestyle.